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I write essays and tutorials on advanced topics in computational science, complex systems, and machine learning, agile software development, philosophy of science, and other topics that strike my fancy. I do that for a living, full time, all the time.

While your continued interest and appreciation definitely encourages me, it’s your financial support really helps me keep expanding and improving my work.

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I consult on machine learning and complex systems applications for engineering and science projects. I’m always interested in preliminary project work, helping with the analysis and design phases of new projects. But my particular skill set becomes even more useful when there’s already been a “problem” using evolutionary algorithms, agent-based modeling, and other non-neural techniques. A lot of the time, that sort of “problem” comes about because of mismatches between intentionally emergent behavior of the thing you’re trying to build, and the sort of traditional project planning and software development skills most team members bring to the table.

I can help you and your team and your firm better understand what to do—and how to do it.

Contact me by email if you’d like to ask about consulting for your technical organization.

Workshops & Classes

If you or your organization wants a high-level overview of Complexity and Systems Thinking, or a detailed and customized training session in computational modeling, complex systems research, and agent-based modeling, those are both things I do! I also have prepared one-day (introductory), four-day (technical) and two-week (advanced) classes on Genetic Programming, Engineering of Emergent Systems, and Project Management for Exploratory Research.

Contact me by email for more information on tutorials and training.

Software Development

I write and maintain open-source software in support of complex systems research and evolutionary computing.

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I write books on evolutionary computing, especially genetic programming topics.

You can purchase pre-publication versions of my books at LeanPub.com.