Echoes of the past

Draft of 2005.10.08 ☛ 2015.03.27

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American fashions in furniture and interior decorating have moved from the Art Nouveau era (in the 60s and 70s) to the Arts & Crafts era (in the 90s) to the Art Deco to the Moderne, and are to all appearances now exiting the Neo-Colonial Revival, complete with dark maple and lathed spindles and dark red colors and probably toile wallpaper [agh], and for all I know is now moving into the realm of Space Age Revival.

Actually, a look at a Target ad indicates we’re already there. Crap.

God, it makes one feel old, don’t it? And frustrated: next year no doubt women will wear Big Pink Bows with their suits, and there will be sparkly satin ties and leopard-print jackets on the rack for the fashionable kid to wear to school.

But is it all of a piece? Are we all in lockstep, stuck in the Next Revival Period in Line, or are there echoes? In other words, is there a subculture somewhere who is just now decorating with oak Mission furniture and hammered copper gaslamp-styled lights?

Oh, wait, that would be the Mass market. You can buy that at Wal-Mart.

Are there other lagged subcultures? Some identifiable group that’s reveling in Art Nouveau Nouveau?