Ever have one of those days…

Draft of 2005.11.13 ☛ 2015.03.18

May include: academia&c.

…when all the stories you’ve heard from colleagues, people you meet at meetings, famous people, great minds, and old people along the lines of, “You know, I used to be in your department. But I took this one class in X, and it just, you know, resonated and so I just bailed and switched over and there’s been no regrets ever since.”?

No, me neither. I suppose.

And yet… one notes that the grass, objectively speaking, is really green over there where they are. The rich green color of piles of money. The glowing green color of fervor, of press, of excitement. The viridian of the rotting tumultuous new, as opposed to the entrenched blue-suited old.

Is that even grass?

Some days. Some days you want to know what that is, over there.