Giving thanks where they’re due

Draft of 2005.11.25 ☛ 2015.06.18

May include: religionreadings&c.

Penn Jillette’s “This I Believe” spot for NPR’s Morning Edition: There Is No God:

Believing there’s no God stops me from being solipsistic. I can read ideas from all different people from all different cultures. Without God, we can agree on reality, and I can keep learning where I’m wrong. We can all keep adjusting, so we can really communicate. I don’t travel in circles where people say, “I have faith, I believe this in my heart and nothing you can say or do can shake my faith.” That’s just a long-winded religious way to say, “shut up,” or another two words that the FCC likes less. But all obscenity is less insulting than, “How I was brought up and my imaginary friend means more to me than anything you can ever say or do.” So, believing there is no God lets me be proven wrong and that’s always fun. It means I’m learning something.

Read the whole thing, and preserve it. It’s the kind of words we need more of, these days.