Want some, got some, not the same thing

Draft of 2006.05.17 ☛ 2015.03.28

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In my garage and basement are scores (no, I mean “multiples of twenty”) of boxes of Old Maker Garage Crap. These are due to the dead: my father (a NASA physicist and ham radio operator), my uncle (an engineer and ham), my lost friend Nancy (an antiquer and accumulator of garage sale finds), not to mention the stuff we buy “incidentally” at estate auctions in box lots along with the crap we really want. Vacuum tubes, transistors, glass bottles, insulators, diodes, old clocks, gears and clockwork… and of course, baby food bottles filled with screws and nails. Things to inspire the Makers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Boingboing passes along this amazing artisan’s work, today. Like all great work, this hints that you could do that. Go and admire, and be inspired.