Worrying about collectibility

Draft of 2007.01.28 ☛ 2015.04.05

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Sitting here in the recliner, drinking my requisite morning liter of Lime Diet Coke (yeah, I know, bad for me), catching up on blogs via Shrook, planning out the boxes of stuff I need to photograph later today to sell on eBay, and the NPR station is talking about the presidential candidates that are now so prolifically plopping out of the ass of the American-lack-of-consensus.

And I hear the commentators talking about the latest offerings’ worries about collectibility. “He’s going to need to work on his collectibility, if he’s going to have any chance in the run-off election season.”

As my attention was yanked from my laptop to the radio by these arcane admonishments, I thought for a second about how that might work. Collectible trading card games? Is there an online marketplace? Is it those pin-back buttons? We just came across a Nixon button in my mother in law’s basement.

And then I turned off the radio, and went back to planning eBay auctions.