Draft of 2016.07.02

May include: other&c.


I write essays and tutorials on advanced topics in computational science, complex systems, and machine learning, agile software development, philosophy of science, and other topics that strike my fancy. I would like to do that for a living, full time, all the time.

But sometimes the spirit is willing and the flesh (mainly the head parts) are weak. The world is a complicated and complicating place, and a bad influence to be frank, so I have been winding down that original optimistic take on the life of the mind for several months now.

While your continued interest and appreciation definitely encourages me, I admit it’s your financial support that really helps me keep expanding and improving my work. Or, you know, keeping it up at all.

If you want, you can support my essays via a one-time PayPal “tip”.


Because of financial and mental travails of late, I’ve taken to selling off personal possessions on eBay. These are our own books, and those of dead relatives and friends. I spend the lion’s share of time on this now, a full-time job as it were.

You can see my eBay listings online, and perhaps find something you would rather have for yourself.